Positive News

Bill has received an email from Paul Thomas, the Sustrans Bridge Engineer, contents are below.

From: Paul Thomas
Sent: 12 October 2015 06:19
To: Bill Tomson
Subject: Volunteer team at Bennerley Viaduct


As you know John and I were at Bennerley Viaduct on Wednesday doing the Principal Inspection. Despite the weather we managed to get a decent look at most of the important parts of the structure.

Nothing new to report regarding the condition of the structure and I am relieved the safety fencing remains intact. However what I really wanted to report to you is how delighted we were to find how much valuable work had been done by your volunteering team. I still can’t really fathom how they managed to move all that ballast by hand and do it so thoroughly too – they are obviously a dedicated and conscientious bunch.

Please do let the team know how impressed I am at how hard they have worked and how much they have achieved. Their work on the deck has confirmed one of the causes of the chronic corrosion to the ends of the troughing and will help to inform our decisions for future repair and design work. The clearance around the pier bases has made it so much easier to carry out our routine inspections and any further work will make a real difference to how all inspectors are able to monitor the condition and therefore assist us in maintaining the structure effectively.

So thanks again for all the hard work, it is very much appreciated.


Paul Thomas
Bridge Engineer
Sustrans / Railway Paths Limited


Working Party – 13th, 14th October 2015

This will be to carry out lime mortar work to the brickwork of two of the pier bases. Nottinghamshire County Council Conservation Officers have kindly agreed to provide training on this over these days.

Thanks to everyone who came πŸ™‚

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