Next Meeting:

The next open meeting will take place on Monday, December 2nd , 2019 at the Gate Inn, Awsworth at 7:00pm. Main St, Awsworth, Kimberley, Nottingham NG16 2RN

The first part of the meeting will be concerned with making sure everyone is updated with the latest developments regarding the restoration and repair work. The second part will be more interactive. We can follow up all the ideas put forwards at the last meeting regarding widening the appeal of the viaduct and looking at how we can increase our fund raising capacity as a group.

If that doesn’t float your boat, you can simply come down to a superb community pub with a brilliant choice of well kept beers and drink to the future of the viaduct. Our Inclusion on the World Monument Watch List 2020 is both amazing and humbling. It gives us every chance to secure the future of the viaduct so future generations can enjoy it.

7:00pm start. Hope to see you there.

Meeting: Monday August 12th 7:00pm 2019

The Gate Inn, Awsworth. NG16 2RN

Planning Consent has been granted, A substantial proportion of the funding is in place and the work will be moving forwards in the Autumn. Now the real work begins. This will be a busy time for the group as we deliver events such as the September Guided Walk programme, develop fund raising activities and negotiate with the project designers on our how best FoBV volunteers can practically contribute to the works. These are exciting times.

With a project such as this one, there are an array of complexities and hurdles to overcome. the meeting will give everyone as much knowledge as we have on all the conditions and recommendations which have been attached to the project.

Come along, get involved and enjoy the brilliant selection of beers which The Gate offers at the same time.

Annual General Meeting Monday April 15th 7:00pm

What a difference a year makes. At this time last year, we did not know if we had a project. A year on, nearly £0.5m has been secured, a planning application has been submitted and the Friends group are acquiring charitable status. Our Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday, April 15th 2019 at The Gate Inn, Awsworth at 7:00 pm.

The meeting will take place in two halves. The first part will be the AGM where the formal proceedings will take place. Chairmans report, Treasurers Report, election of Officers etc.

The second part of the meeting will be less formal and include an update on events, questions and answers, opportunities for members to become involved, ideas and suggestions re ways forward.

Only members of the FoBV will be eligible to vote on any motion or proposal however, whether you are a member or not, you will be welcome at the meeting.

Extraordinary General Meeting. Feb 25th 2019

An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Friends of Bennerley Viaduct, (FoBV) will take place on Monday, February 25th 2019 at The Gate Inn, Awsworth at 7:00 pm. The FoBV want to convert the group into a registered charity (Charitable Incorporated Organisation CIO) and will require the formal consent of the membership. Securing CIO status has many advantages both for the group and the project and these will be discussed at the meeting. In essence, we are updating and creating a robust, accountable, sustainable and democratic structure to take the project forwards. The membership will need to formally agree to the adoption of a new constitution which will meet the requirements of the Charity Commission.

Members of the FoBV will be eligible to vote on the motions and proposals which will be forwarded to the membership by the end of January 2019. However, whether you are a member or not, you will be welcome at the meeting.

October Newsletter

If you get the chance over the next few weeks, take a visit to the viaduct, as the Autumn colours are currently looking quite magnificent, especially in the early morning or late evening light.  We are so lucky to be living in an area with such a rich industrial and natural heritage.

A lot of activity has been taking place behind the scenes since the last newsletter. The project is moving forwards again. I currently feel a real sense of optimism and excitement at the way that the project is taking shape.

I hope to see some of you at the meeting on Monday. Details included below. Our next newsletter will be coming out in December, if you want anything included, please forward items of news to me by email.

Happy Reading

With best wishes


Open Meeting: The Gate Inn Awsworth

The next open meeting will take place at the Gate Inn, Main St, Awsworth,  NG16 2RN on Monday October 15th at 7:00pm.  There will be three main strands on which we will need to move forwards. These are:

  1. Project Update: There will be a detailed update on the Railway Paths led plan to carry out critical repairs and access.
  2. A Shared Vision for Bennerley Viaduct: At the last meeting, there was support for the idea of the FoBV taking increased ownership of an expanded project. Kieran will be delivering an illustrated presentation which aims to give shape and structure to what we hope will be the basis of an agreed FoBV vision.
  3. An Appropriate Structure We need to create an appropriate structure for the group and to develop its capacity to deliver an ambitious project. We are currently looking towards converting the FoBV into  a Charitable Incorporated Organisation CIO. (We are grateful to the many individuals and organisations who are advising and guiding us through this process.)
An agenda for the meeting is attached. (Click here) If you missed the previous meeting, unverified minutes of the meeting of August 13th are attached. Click here  We look forward to seeing you.  Members and Non members welcome.
Critical Repairs and Access:
Railway Paths Ltd, the owners of the viaduct are developing a plan to carry out critical repairs and create access to the deck of the viaduct.  A planning application will be submitted this Autumn to both Erewash and Broxtowe Borough Councils. Surveying work has been undertaken, discussions are taking place with landowners and relevant organisations. The FoBV is giving this project its full backing and support. We would like to acknowledge and thank Bill Tomson, the project manager from Railway Paths Ltd for his work and commitment to the project. Click the button  below for more details of the plans and proposals
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Above Snap – Time. Volunteers making a Difference

Saturday Workdays:
The current RPL led project will create lots of opportunities for people to volunteer and contribute to the project. The Friends Group will be taking out its own public liability insurance enabling us to restore Saturday workdays. We look forward to announcing in the very near future when these workdays will commence as we achieved a great deal in 2016 and 2017. Tasks in the new project will include the removal of all ballast from the viaduct, linseed oil treatment of the structure, vegetation management, pathway creation and many more tasks. In the meantime, there will be a Sustrans Greener Greenways led workday under the viaduct on Wednesday October 24th.
For further details click here
Linseed Oil and Viaducts!!
Linseed oil is usually associated with cricket bats but soon we may all be linking linseed oil with Bennerley Viaduct.  Recent research by Dr Dave Gent has indicated that the life of wrought iron structures like the viaduct can be significantly extended if coated with linseed oil.  An added benefit is that the oil is a non toxic, natural product so it can be applied by non specialists. When our volunteer workdays recommence, one of the important tasks that we will undertake will be the application of oil to the reachable parts of structure. Our thanks go to Dr David Gent for conducting the research and identifying a strategy to preserve the viaduct. If you want to know more about this fascinating research, click below.
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Above: Visitors to Bennerley Viaduct contribute to the visitor economy.

The Visitor Economy
The rich industrial and natural heritage of Bennerley Viaduct and its surroundings is beginning to draw in visitors from all over the country. Recently, the Association for Industrial Archaeology had their annual conference at Nottingham University. The Friends of Bennerley Viaduct delivered a presentation  to the conference, followed by a guided walk on, under and around the structure. The group “greatly enjoyed” the visit.  In addition, the viaduct is increasingly becoming a venue for companies running heritage related tourism.  The visitor economy has the potential to bring in much needed trade to the area.
Explosions in the Canal!!

One of the delights of showing people around the viaduct is listening to the stories they tell. Recently, Ann Munsey a retired teacher from Bennerley School visited the viaduct with a Heritage Tour Company. She entertained us with stories of potassium explosions in the canal and pupils coming back to the school with grass snakes which they had caught under the viaduct. Anne put these stories down on paper and these were published in the Ilkeston Times. Ann was known as Miss Veni when she taught at the school. Thank you Ann for this entertaining bit of local history. To read the amusing account, click below.
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Membership: As we approach the end of the year, this will be the time for members to renew their annual subscription at the bargain basement price of £5 for the year. Reminder letters will be coming out and we will try to ensure that there is a simple way for members to renew online.

Treasurer: Steve, our treasurer has moved up to the Lakes but he is continuing with the task until we can find a replacement. It would be absolutely wonderful if someone could step forwards to take on the role for a year. You would be taking on a key role within the group and this can be satisfying knowing that you are making a real difference. Help and support will be given if you think you could take on this role.

Trustees: We may be converting into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. If we do agree to take this route, we will be needing to appoint trustees to guide and steer the charity. We will disseminate information on the role of trustees later as we get to know more about the working operation of CIOs. There may be the opportunity in the future for you to make a valued contribution to the project by becoming a trustee.

Bennerley Viaduct Presentations

We are happy to deliver presentations on the fascinating history of Bennerley Viaduct to groups within the area. We have a large collection of images, stories, anecdotes related to the viaduct which we are happy to share at illustrated presentations. We have all the neccessary projection equipment which was purchased using a community grant from Erewash Borough Council. All we ask for is for a donation to the FoBV to help us with the project. If your group would like a presentation, contact Kieran Lee to arrange times and dates.

Next Meeting: October 15th 2018. The Gate Inn Awsworth.

The next open meeting will take place at the Gate Inn, Awsworth on Monday October 15th at 7:00pm. The Friends of Bennerley Viaduct are intent on taking forwards an ambitious project for the viaduct. The meeting will update everyone on progress with the Railway Paths plan to carry out critical repairs. The meeting will also need to determine  the breadth of the the project which we want to take forwards and the mechanisms  we will use to bring in the investment. The committee have been busy determining whether a Community Interest Company be formed or whether the Friends of Bennerley Viaduct become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.  If you missed the previous meeting, unverified minutes of the meeting of August 13th are attached. FoBV Meeting Minutes 20 Aug 2018 amended (These minutes will be verified at the Oct 15th meeting) We look forwards to your contributions  at the next meeting. Members and Non members welcome.