Volunteer Workday: Saturday 2-9-17

The focus this Saturday will be to continue the work in spans 1 to three. This area will eventually become an events area where we can have open day events, theatre groups performances and arts events. It is currently overgrown with much unwanted vegetation which covers a lot of tipped material. We want to prepare the area for a skip or two to remove all the unwanted materials and rubble.

The tasks will include:

  • Lopping of vegetation, brambles, bindweed etc. (Moderate)
  • Litter picking on and around the viaduct. (Gentle)
  • Pruning back vegetation on approach road. (Gentle)
  • Recovering the road from encroaching vegetation (Moderate)
  • Stump and bramble root removal. ( V Strenuous)
  • Removal of old mesh fencing and posts. (Moderate)

Times:  Meet under the viaduct at 10:00 am. The barrier from Newtons Lane will be open from 9:30 onwards. The workday  will finish around 3:00 pm. Come for as long or as short as you want.

Equipment: Tools will be provided. Gloves will be provided but if you have your own, please bring them.  I would also suggest sturdy footwear.

Weather: The forecast is for good weather so if you burn easily, take all the necessary precautions. Tea, water and biscuits will be provided followed by refreshments in the Dewdrop afterwards.

The Force is with us.

The sun shone and thousands turned out to the classic car show in Ilkeston. The Friends of Bennerley Viaduct had a stall which was busy all day. There was overwhelming support for the project.

The force was clearly with us as notable visitors to our stall was Darth Vader accompanied by  Star Wars stormtroopers. We were even visited by petrolhead Stig who promised to  invest in a pushbike when Bennerley Viaduct reopens.

We heard many fascinating stories about the viaduct. It was empowering to experience the depth of support that this project is receiving from  the local community. Thanks to Jeff for organising the day and to Rich, Colin and Trevor for their sterling work promoting the viaduct.


Volunteer workday. Saturday August 5th

Take a chance and brave the showers and squalls forecast for Saturday

 The focus of Saturdays workday will be to maintain all the access to the full length and to ensure all the pier bases remain clear of vegetation. Tasks will including, lopping,  pruning back brambles and shrubs, tree stump removal large and small, shifting some of the debris from pier base 4, removing creeping soil and vegetation from the tarmac areas, litter removal, removing some debris from under the viaduct to the main collecting point. New vegetation is growing out of the pierbases so it would make sense to remove that before it gets re-established. We will also be clearing back some vegetation and bindweed which is choking some areas.

If you can make it, there are lots of blackberries around so bring a tub. Starting at 10:00 am. Finishing at 3:00 come for as long or as short as you can make it. The Kelly kettle will be on for you. Tea, coffee and a refreshment afterwards provided.

Meet: Under the viaduct. The barrier off Newtons Lane will be open from 9:30 am onwards. Tools and protective gloves provided.