Forthcoming Work / Volunteer days

Over the past two years, volunteers have given hundreds of hour of time undertaking tasks and this work has been invaluable in moving the project forwards. The two key themes of our volunteer work are around protecting the magnificent structure of the viaduct and enriching wildlife habitats both on and underneath the viaduct.  Workdays start at 10:00 am and usually go on until 3:30 – 4:00 pm but if you are only available for a part of that time, you would be more than welcome. All tools are provided and training in how to use the tools will be given. If you want further details about any workday, please contact

Saturday March 4th 2017  Pond Digging and removing scrub vegetation. (Environmental enhancement. Meet 10:00am under the viaduct.

Access to the viaduct available by foot, bike or car on the track from Newtons Lane.

Saturday April 1st 2017.  Digging out Pier bases.  Earth and soil has covered some of the cast iron baseplates which support the viaduct and this will lead to their corrosion. The key task of the day is removing the earth from the baseplates.


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