Workday – 12th March 2016

We will be assembling at 10:00 am at the Bridge Inn in Cotmanhay and will be working until approx. 3:30 pm.

 As we are now approaching nesting season, we can no longer focus on vegetation and scrub clearance so the main focus of the work will be cleaning up some of the remaining brick pier bases and removing any vegetation which is growing out of the structure. We can also clean up some of the old brickwork that has been dislodged by vegetation by removing the mortar from the loose bricks.  We will not be able to clear the pier which is covered with Japanese Knotweed.

 I went to the viaduct last weekend and several of the piers were under water so bring wellies if you have them. We have protective gloves and goggles but due to the thorny nature of the scrub vegetation, make sure you wear tough clothing.

 We have some tools but if you want to bring along your own, either loppers, shovels,  stiff brushes or lump hammers and masonry bolsters would be useful.

 Please could you let me know if you are coming. Look forward to seeing some of you out at the weekend. I will be parked on the site but will come over to the Bridge Inn  for 10:00 am.


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